About Us

Grupo Multivistas (GMV) has been developing real estate projects in Central America since 1994. The group’s primary focus is the development and build-out of impressive, yet affordable residential communities that are targeted towards Guatemala’s growing middle and upper-middle classes. To date, Grupo Multivistas has successfully developed, built and sold out 10 different residential projects comprising more than 3,500 units. The company has also been heavily involved in affordable housing projects and has been directly responsible for the construction of over 25,000 single family housing solutions throughout Guatemala’s rural countryside. In recent years, GMV has expanded from its home base of Guatemala and has opened new offices in Nicaragua; further expansion will be forthcoming shortly.


GMV’s innovative business model is based upon our commitment to build luxury master-planned, resort style communities and offer them to upwardly mobile families at affordable prices. Multivistas has become famous (and successful!) for its practice of fully building out residential communities prior to initiating lot and home sales.

Purchasers of GMV properties have been rewarded with annual appreciation of over 10% while enjoying the added bonus of being able to swim, play tennis, host parties and relax at our well-appointed facilities knowing that their money is at work.

Our Projects